What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear landscaping? Many think of improving their outdoor spaces for a better outdoor experience. However, hiring the services of professional landscape contractors goes beyond just beautifying gardens and managing landscapes. 

Let’s take a look at some of the compelling reasons to hire landscape contractor professionals

1. Maintains Your Investment

A home is typically one of the biggest investments people have, and like any investment, you want to protect it. When homes are well-maintained, you can maintain or even increase the property value.

As a homeowner, improving your home is one of the best ways to raise your property value. And when it comes to home improvements, you are not just limited to interior renovations. Outdoor landscaping also counts! In fact, certain outdoor renovations and construction projects such as walkways, patios, yards, decks, and more can increase your property value.

When you invest in high-quality landscaping from West Hill Masonry, our professionals will help you develop a design process to improve the curb appeal and ambiance of your home. With the help of a seasoned landscape architect, more people would be willing to spend time and money living in the place, effectively raising its value.

2. Keeps Your Lawn Lush

Empty lawns are prone to drainage issues, especially during the rainy season. Persisting drainage issues not only lead to unsightly pools of water but can also drown your grass and cause molds and moss to form on surfaces.

Rather than installing an underground drain to collect excess water, you can get high-quality landscaping and add flora in the form of trees and shrubs to the lawn. These plants serve to absorb water from the ground, preventing excess water from collecting on the surface. With the water removed from the lawn, the grass will be healthier, and your lawn will be greener.

3. Saves On Energy

An ideal landscaping project typically involves a good amount of greenery. Such an upgrade not only improves the air around your home, it also makes the environment cooler by providing natural shade. 

For homeowners, this is a good energy-saving investment as it can reduce the need for air conditioning.

4. Reduces Costs

Landscaping is more than just coming up with design ideas. One of its sought-after benefits is energy conservation. With an ideal landscape plan and structures, not only do you conserve energy, you can also reduce your electricity bill. Though landscaping costs a bit of money to start, it is a cost-effective solution for homeowners who struggle with the heat.

5. Improves Your Outdoor Space

People spend their quality time at home. Hence, any investment made towards improving their home quality is an investment towards increasing one’s quality of life. 

The same goes for homeowners who get landscape installations to improve their outdoor spaces. When you have a beautiful landscape outside your home, it presents many activities you can enjoy outdoors, such as having picnics, garden parties, and barbeques, or even lounging by the pool.

Professionals know how to create harmony and balance by combining certain elements and aspects, such as horticulture and plantings. 

6. Makes Your Home Healthier

Landscape installations make your home greener, and encourage you to spend time outdoors. These are shown to improve your health, a great perk, especially if you live in the city! 

Not to mention, being surrounded by greenery presents a series of health benefits, such as supporting eye health, reducing blood pressure, and improving attention and memory. As if those are not enough, people report feeling less stressed and needing to spend less on health concerns when they live in a greener environment.

7. Treats The Environment Better

A great landscape is a greener way to live! Planting trees, shrubs, and herbs in your outdoor space contribute towards making the environment healthier. Not only do these plants improve the aesthetic of your home, they also capture dust and smoke particles, prevent soil erosion, and, most importantly, improve air quality.

Dust and smoke particles are irritants that can cause allergies and irritation. With a blank outdoor space, you encourage these irritants to freely be carried by the wind into your home, onto your skin, and likely, into your lungs.

Another benefit of a green landscape lies in how plants absorb water. The roots of trees and other plants absorb a lot of water from the soil and help hold their structure. This means they help prevent water from collecting on surfaces, serve as a buffer against water and soil runoff during rains, and filter certain pollutants out from water, so cleaner water flows into bodies of water.

Lastly, plants help reduce greenhouse gas. One of the problems with climate change is due to excessive carbon dioxide in the environment. Plants eliminate carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Trees are especially effective in removing carbon dioxide from the air, making them a top choice for landscaping ideas. 

Hire a Professional Landscape Designer

There are so many reasons to get high-quality landscaping for your home. Whether your needs are aesthetic, financial, or environmental, it’s good to hire top-rated landscape architects and landscape designers to ensure you only get the best landscape installation for your outdoor areas.

At West Hills Masonry, we provide premier landscape installation services to ensure homeowners can have the best landscape design according to their budget, purpose, and maintenance preferences. We take the time to carefully assess the customer’s lifestyle and property, and take special care to get all the details right.

Contact West Hills Masonry today to learn more about our landscape designs and highly-rated services!