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Advantages of Outdoor Water Fountains

November 28, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

November 28, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

Some of the most outstanding landscape installations in backyards and gardens are outdoor water fountains. Their beautiful structure and running water exude a calming feeling that serves many purposes for homeowners.  

Though many are reluctant to invest in water features as decor due to their upfront cost and maintenance, they're actually some of the best investments homeowners can make. Not to mention, there are so many types of water fountains in the market today that there's bound to be one that fits your budget.

We've listed eight benefits of owning an outdoor water fountain to help you understand where your investment is going and how it will benefit not only your outdoor area and your mental health, but also your finances!

Relaxing and Peaceful Ambiance

There's something almost therapeutic about watching water spray and trickle. A study showed that watching and listening to water movement can have a stress-relieving effect and even go as far as lowering heart rate and blood pressure. 

If you've been feeling stressed lately, installing an outdoor water fountain is a great way to upgrade your home into a serene and calming haven where you can rest and calm down.

Reduce Noise Pollution

With so much going on in the busy world today, having the steady sound of a water fountain may just be the thing you need to drown out less pleasant sounds like traffic noise or noisy neighbors. Not only does the sight of the water fountain bring about calm and peace, but it also drowns out the noise to help bring serenity to your space.

Beautify Your Home

Everyone adores beauty. And fountains are, without a doubt, some of the most beautiful fixtures you can add to your home. If the peace and calm it can bring are not therapeutic enough, then its utter breathtaking beauty might just do the trick. Some water fountains are works of art that serve as centerpieces in any home. 

Not to mention, water fountains now come in various designs, shapes, and sizes, so you're bound to find one that suits your style. If you want to make your home stand out, add a well-placed water fountain!

Amaze Your Guests

The more beautiful your home becomes, the more likely your guests will enjoy visiting. If you're a natural host and enjoy having people over, then a water fountain will work very well in your favor. Meanwhile, if your space is for business, then a water fountain serves well to attract customers or guests to your store.

Attract Wildlife

Animals love nature. By having an outdoor water fountain, you're bound to attract wildlife seeking to quench their thirst. It won't come as a surprise to see birds, bees, and butterflies visiting your fountain for a dip or a drink, especially on a hot summer day. If you're an animal or wildlife lover, this is a great reason to invest in an outdoor water fountain.

Purify Air

Though it does not occur to most of us, an outdoor water fountain can actually help purify the air. When water flows, it produces negative ions, which attract allergens like dust and pollen from the air, serving as natural air purifiers for your backyard or garden.

Not to mention, having flowing water out in the open also helps cool the surrounding air, making it more refreshing to lounge outdoors in hot weather.

Boost Curb Appeal

A beautiful fixture is exactly the addition you need to boost your curb appeal. By placing an outdoor water fountain in front of your home, you are making your home more beautiful, catching the attention of anyone who passes by. And did we mention, boosting your curb appeal actually improves your property value?

Increase Property Value

More than just boosting your curb appeal, strategically placing an outdoor water fountain where everyone can see it can help you increase your property value. When you upgrade the appearance of your home, you also increase its demand, and therefore, its real estate value.

With proper care and maintenance, your outdoor water fountain may just be one of the smartest investments you can make financially.

Get Professional Landscape Installation

There's no doubt that an outdoor water fountain is a beautiful piece of decor that can transform the atmosphere of any home. If you're convinced to get one for your home, reach out to West Hills Masonry to ensure you get the best water fountain for your home!

At West Hills Masonry, we offer various kinds of landscape installation services, including outdoor fountain installations. We make sure to provide results that fit our client's lifestyles, as well as highlight the best features of their homes and gardens to match their purpose and maintenance preferences.

Regardless of the size of your space, and no matter your budget, we can help bring your outdoor water fountain design to life! Reach out to West Hills Masonry to kickstart your water fountain project.

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