At West Hills Masonry, we specialize in custom landscape remodeling & building needs. Which includes custom structures, stone & brick veneer, stone & brick paving, interlocking concrete pavers, unique concrete, accent outdoor lighting, landscape planting, artificial turf!

Whether you’re remodeling your driveway, pool, or building a new complete front or backyard overhaul, we can provide the construction and or design vision, value and results you’re looking for.

We offer a full service for all your remodeling project needs, which includes Design Drawings, Cost Management & Award Analysis + Recommendations. Whatever your project size, our services are customized for your specific project.

Already have a design from another design build firm for your remodel project?  No problem we will be more than happy to work with you on your design and project installation.

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Our Tailored Design Services ($7,500+)

Learn more about our Design Process. We have established a phenomenal talented group that includes our landscape architect, our 3D designer to help create a dynamic 3D and 2D design drawings that will help you see your new space prior to completion. Did we mention we can help with material consultation? Learn the pros & cons from longitude to cost of product.  You’ll be happy to be able to understand your options up front.

Our Design Process

Step 1: Initial Office Visit & Introduction

When you make an appointment to visit our office and meet with us, we will:

  • Discuss your ideas and review your inspiration pictures so that we more fully understand the vision you have for your space.
  • Review any architectural plans or other relevant documents.
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Review your budget or assist you in establishing a realistic budget.

Step 2: In-Home Design Consultation

After the initial office visit if you feel we are a good fit for your project and have signed our design planning agreement, we will schedule an in-home design consultation:

  • During our in house visit we will document your existing space by measuring and taking photos.
  • Gather the necessary information to create a scope of work & preliminary design concept.

Step 3: Preliminary Design Review and Budget Meeting

Approximately 2 – 3* weeks after your in-home design consultation, we will have a meeting at our office to discuss the following:

  • Preliminary space plan drawings and preliminary material selections.
  • Explain the current site conditions in order for the new scope of work for your project to have a seamless execution.
  • Preliminary project pricing & budgets.

Step 4: Material Selections

After your final proposal has been approved, we will work with you on color elements & materials of your project:

  • From landscape nurseries to quality hardscape material vendors we will coordinate shopping times with you.
  • We will be able to obtain samples if needed to help you with your selections.

Step 5: Completion Of Design Phase

After your preliminary plan drawings have been approved by you the homeowner, we will move right along onto our 3D rending process to further capture your expectations:

  • Approximately 2* weeks after your approved plan drawings we will conduct a meeting with you the homeowner, our landscape architect, our 3D designer & construction personal to present your 3D renderings.
  • At this point we can further look into areas you might not have seen on the plan and make any adjustments if needed.
  • We will finalize all pending pricing based on any adjustments.

Step 6: Construction & Installation Phase

You’ll conduct a project meeting before demolition phase with your consultant & get to meet your project director to insure the details of your project that were discussed through the design process is understood and met.

  • During construction and installation phase, project director will be there to help guide you the homeowner with on site details that were designed.
  • Overview for quality control to insure our signature craftsmanship is being met every step of the way until our last day on your project for a turnkey delivery.

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