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Outdoor Water Features

Outdoor Water Features in Orange County

Your outdoor living space is an exquisite extension of your home, making the conversion of your patio and yard into a second living room a logical choice. West Hills Masonry can assist you in discovering the perfect outdoor water features hardscape to elevate your space.

Aquascape Decorations for Instant Transformation

Optimal for adding water features to your landscape are Aquascape decorations, offering a variety of water fountains and tiny ponds that can be effortlessly installed in just a few hours.

Water fountains and tiny ponds possess the unique ability to instantly convert any outdoor space into a tranquil and inviting area. They provide a captivating visual display of cascading water, offering various shapes and sizes that can be easily installed within hours.

Delight in the Sound of Running Water

For those who appreciate the soothing sound of running water in the garden, a decorative water feature is an ideal starting point. Contact West Hills Masonry today for a free quote on your next home renovation project.

Comprehensive Outdoor Water Feature Services

Transform your home’s landscape by adding a water feature to your backyard, creating an inviting retreat for friends and family. Whether it’s a stunning pond or an ornate water fountain, West Hills Masonry professionals will collaborate, as your hardscape contractor, with you to bring your vision to life, seamlessly blending with your existing landscape and architecture.

“Over 95% of outdoor water feature owners reported feeling a sense of relaxation when near their water feature.”

Discover Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis with Us

Have questions about our landscaping or hardscaping services? Call us for any general inquiries or information you may need.

Garden Water Fountain for Visual Appeal

Garden water fountain instantly become a visually appealing focal point for any landscape bed. Outdoor fountains, available in stone or marble, emit a soothing sound and add a splash of color to your outdoor landscape.

Submerged, floating, or accent lights can enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space, providing a serene atmosphere for relaxation during both day and night.

Swimming Pools or Hot Tubs for Ultimate Entertainment

Install a pool or hot tub in your backyard for fantastic family and friends’ entertainment, potentially increasing your home’s value. Incorporate it with other landscaping features like water walls, fountains, and waterfalls for a complete outdoor experience.

Infinity Waterfalls – Perfect for Limited Space

Infinity waterfalls, also known as pondless waterfalls, are ideal for landscapes with limited space. These low-maintenance features recirculate water without the need for a pond, creating a perpetual waterfall effect.

Fountainscapes – Adding Value to Your Home

Fountainscapes not only introduce a soothing water element to your outdoor space but also add value to your home. West Hills Masonry professionals will collaborate with you to integrate a dazzling touch into your existing landscape and architecture.

Landscape Streams for Larger Yards

For a more complex water element, consider a small or medium-sized landscape stream running through your property. Well-designed streams add instant appeal to larger yards, appearing as a natural part of the environment.

Koi Ponds and Backyard Ponds

Create a stunning and peaceful koi pond that requires minimal maintenance. Enhance your outdoor entertaining area by incorporating a stream, pond, or pool around an outdoor kitchen. Koi are commonly kept as aquatic pets in outdoor ponds. Ponds can be great ways to enjoy your Koi and even provide a scenic landscape to your property since they often include elaborate rockwork and waterfalls.

It also to great Japanese-inspired koi pond is on the rise. This gives a low-maintenance but serene outdoor living experience to your very home. Koi fish is a

Outdoor Water Features – Design, Installation, Construction

Add an outdoor fountain to any commercial or residential setting to create the ultimate outdoor space. West Hills Masonry offers an extensive collection of water elements, ranging from classical to contemporary styles.

Browse our catalog for a complete line of outdoor fountains, including wall fountains, tiered fountains, modern fountains, and small garden fountains.

Ready to Build Your Dream Outdoor Water Features?

Outdoor water features (hardscape) come in various types, so consider the type, placement, and size you desire. West Hills Masonry, with over 15 years of experience, is dedicated to providing high-quality hardscaping services and exceptional landscaping. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next home improvement project. Let our experts help you create the home of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water features a good idea?

Water features add ornamental interest, soothing sound, and wildlife habitat to any garden. Adding a garden water feature does not have to be expensive. A simple garden water bowl can have a significant impact by reflecting light and neighboring plants.

Are outdoor water fountains hard to maintain?

It is necessary to clean and maintain outdoor water fountains more frequently than it is necessary to clean and maintain indoor fountains. The elements, as well as dirt and debris, can easily accumulate in outdoor fountains.

Where is the best place to put a water fountain?

We need to know when the building or house was constructed as well as its overall compass orientation, such as a house that faces west, so that we can place water outside in the appropriate location. The precise date of construction can be an important piece of information to have, as it can provide us with a great deal of insight into the history of the building as well as the surrounding area.

Should an outdoor water fountain run all the time?

The pumps that are used in fountains are intended to operate continuously. If you continually turn the pump on and off throughout the day, it will wear out much more quickly. Only if you are going to be away from the fountain for several days or if you are going to be cleaning it should you turn off the pump that it uses to circulate the water.

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Hafsa F.
Scottsdale, AZ
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We had a fantastic experience with West Hills Masonry. We reached out to Carlos to have our fireplaces redone in stone veneer. From the point that we contacted him to the end of the project, he was always very respectful, responsive, and professional. You can expect the same from his crew. They did a fantastic job, and we would highly recommend them for your masonry needs. 
Dave L.
Santa Ana, CA
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We had a great experience with Carlos, Carlos, and the crew. We had about 2,000 square feet of pavers and a patio cover installed by West Hills. We are super happy with the project. Our back yard is incredible now.The crew started when they said they would, and those guys worked super hard. I was amazed at the progress they made each day, the pavers went in very fast. 
Esther S.
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We wanted to an entire backyard remodel consisting of a pool install and carving of a hillside. It was a big under taking and West Hills worked so expeditiously day in and day out for months. If there were any unforeseen issues in our project they communicated clearly what our options were to tackle the problem. Come to think of it, they never told me something couldn't be done. 
Emily T.
Ladera Ranch, CA
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We bought a house where the owners had recently redone the back yard, but a lot of the work was poorly done and the design was laid out awkwardly. Carlos (owner) and Carlos V came out for the estimate, and immediately impressed us by how many measurements they took, their suggestions for materials, and solutions they offered for our issues with the yard. 
Jim M.
Irvine, CA
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We had a great experience with West Hills Masonry. Carlos is an honest, hardworking owner who had fantastic response time. We had no idea how or where to get started on our new home landscaping. After contacting Carlos, he was great at listening to what we wanted in our backyard and helped us design the backyard from scratch.
LuDogg T.
Laguna Hills, CA
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Carlos and the team are simply awesome. They just paved my backyard with beautiful pavers. They are easy to work with and also referred another company to install patio covers. The job turned out better and quicker than expected. They worked 6 days a week, did the demolishing in a week and installed the pavers the other week. They also installed a retaining wall.

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