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Best Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard

November 10, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

November 10, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

Your backyard serves as your outdoor haven. Whether you love entertaining and hosting parties, or simply enjoy relaxing with your family, having a well-maintained backyard can give you a relaxing, private space.

Professional landscape installation can help you properly incorporate hardscape and softscape elements to create a tranquil outdoor area. Whether you're looking to increase your property value or you simply want to make better use of your backyard, here are some ways you can upgrade your space!

1. Install a Porch

The porch is one of the first things people see in your home. Adding a sturdy porch is a great way of making your home look more welcoming. 

2. Build a Patio or Deck

Having a platform to keep you off the ground is a great way of enjoying the outdoors without getting down and dirty. Install a patio or deck in your backyard, and you can relax in nature any time of the day!

Additionally, you can also add some shade. Spending time outdoors is more fun if you're not burning in the hot sun. Get some protection by putting up a pergola, shade sail, or even just a patio umbrella.

3. Invest in a Fountain

Nothing screams fancy like an outdoor fountain. Whether you have a huge outdoor space or not, fountains come in various sizes, so you're sure to find one just right for you.

These investments may be a bit costly, but they provide unmatched elegance that will not only make your home look more elegant but also increase your property value.

4. Install a Pool

Why travel when you can dip in the pool just outside your home? Consider getting a professional pool installation for bigger spaces. And for those with limited space or who are more budget conscious, you can opt for an inflatable pool.

5. Decorate With Flowers and Planters

Flowers have a way of brightening any environment. By planting flowers around your outdoor space, you add color naturally and add life to your home!

Some of the most beautiful landscape installations involve planting flowers or herbs to make a garden. Not only do these look amazing, taking care of plants is often therapeutic for homeowners.

If you're looking for low-maintenance additions to your landscape, consider getting shrubs or even potted plants. Some of them are incredibly low maintenance and will work very well with busy homeowners.

6. Maintain the Grass

An easy way to upgrade your outdoor space is to plant grass and maintain it. Though grass seems plain, it adds greenery to your space and allows you to enjoy the wide open space. Additionally, a well-mowed lawn works great for picnics or playing with children or pets.

7. Plant Some Trees

The best shade your home can have is a natural one. There’s nothing more relaxing than resting under the shade of a tree in your own yard. Plant trees around your property and get cleaner air, protect your lawn, and help the environment! 

8. Arrange Seats and Tables

Relax outdoors by setting up chairs or a bench. Wood works well, though some prefer coated metal. These seats let you work or entertain guests outdoors.

Though picnics on the grass are fine, sometimes, it's simply easier to set your spread on a nice sturdy table. Put a picnic table in your backyard for convenience. If a picnic table is too big for your space, or you're not really a picnic kind of family, get a coffee table. Glass and coated metal ones usually work well on decks and gardens.

9. Hang Ambient Lights

Who said you only get to enjoy the outdoors during the day? Place lamps or lanterns around your outdoor area to get beautiful decor so you can enjoy your time outdoors at night.

10. Put up a Fence

When you have a beautiful home, the last thing you want is uninvited visitors disrupting your relaxing time. Build a fence around your property to enjoy some privacy. Additionally, fences also keep children and pets in, so you don't have to worry about them getting lost while playing outdoors.

11. Add a Pathway and Stones

Soil can easily get muddy when it rains. If you don't want a deck to elevate you off the ground, put stones on the soil instead. Stones allow water to seep right through and make paths easier to maintain.

In addition, you can also set up a path. It's not very fun getting your shoes muddy when all you want is to enjoy the outdoors. Build a flagstone pathway that allows you to walk outdoors while keeping your footwear clean.

12. Set up a Playhouse or Tree House

There's a certain kind of novelty when you stay outdoors. Set up a playhouse or tree house in your backyard so everyone in the family can enjoy good weather. Hang a swing over a tree or get a full swing set in your backyard and have adults and children enjoy.

13. Build a Fire Pit

Fire pits can easily add elegance and coziness to your outdoor space. You can use them during outdoor barbecues or have them warm you up when you spend time outdoors during the colder seasons.

Get Professional Landscape Installation

Upgrade your outdoor space by hiring landscape experts to do your landscaping. At West Hills Masonry, our landscape designers and architects are adept at various garden design principles, planting design techniques, and plant installation, so you can have any design you want. 

Get the landscape installation of your dreams; contact West Hills Masonry today to get started on your backyard renovation.

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