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6 Easy-To-Grow Shade Trees for a Small Yard

February 27, 2023 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

February 27, 2023
Written by: West Hills Masonry

Incorporating a shade tree into a landscape plant design offers great overall visual appeal and usage of space during those hotter months. The primary function of a shade tree is to provide a large amount of shade through the use of its extending leaves and branches.

This is a fantastic choice over utilizing man-made structures and provides the landscape design with a strong and elegant focal point.

Benefits of Planting Shade Trees

There are many benefits of planting a shade tree within your landscape. These trees offer the space with a necessary cover from the harmful effects of the sun while providing the natural beauty that comes with it.

Placing furniture and other communal spots under and around the tree creates a peaceful environment for family and friends. Large trees, such as shade trees, offer a wide range of health benefits and also increase the overall quality of life.

These are great additions to any landscape plant design because it utilizes the natural elements of plant material as opposed to the rigid and structured nature of man-made materials. Some shade trees can grow large enough to provide an additional layer of privacy as well as draw in a wide variety of animals and feathered friends into your yard space.

6 Types of Shade Trees Perfect for Small Yards

There are many different shade trees that one could choose from. The overall ideal choice is dependent on your environment, the aesthetic of the design, and the quality of maintenance that it will receive.

While some trees may be low-maintenance, others demand a closer watch to ensure their longevity. Being equipped with adequate knowledge to maintain and preserve the tree is the best way to ensure that it bears a beautiful set of leaves and lives a long and healthy life.

1. Japanese Maple Tree

One of the more popular choices, the Japanese maple tree is truly a sight to behold. They are able to survive in a range of different lighting conditions, such as full sunlight to partial shade.

They come in a variety of different forms and often grow to an average of 30 feet in height. Japanese maple trees have a stunning canopy that is easy to maintain, whilst the lovely tree itself can be grown to any chosen height.

Due to its flexibility, this makes it a great pick for any small yard.

2. Prairifire Crabapple Tree

With beautiful pink flowers and bearing small, purple, edible fruit. The prairifire crabapple tree is an eye-catching beauty. Its canopy is a lush and vibrant pink color that draws the attention of anyone who beholds it.

Growing up to a comfortable 20 feet in height, this gorgeous tree is a treat for any small yard. They require full sunlight to thrive and provide a great amount of shade and absolute elegance to any space.

3. American Redbud Tree

Known for its stunning bloom that has the ability to draw in butterflies and birds, the American redbud tree is another beloved shade tree

With their distinct heart-shaped leaves and a beautiful array of dark pink flowers that bloom once a year, these excellent trees average a manageable size of around 28 feet tall and prefer full sunlight to partial shade conditions.

4. Sweetbay Magnolia Tree

Much like its name implies, the sweetbay magnolia tree is a sweet and elegant addition to thrive in your yard. This is a fast-growing shade tree that, at maturity, can average a height of around 33 feet tall.

This low-maintenance choice of tree thrives in full sunlight conditions as it allows the tree to bloom truly. Due to its resilient nature, this adaptable tree is able to thrive in a variety of different soil types, such as alkaline soil, moist soil, and even acidic soil.

5. Crepe Myrtle Tree

The crepe myrtle tree holds a great deal of gracious beauty in its elegant show of pink and purple flowers. The bark of this tree is a stunning velvet color that truly provides a subtle sense of natural beauty. Due to this, the tree provides a great deal of year-round interest.

Averaging a height of around 38 feet at maturity, these trees are exceptionally resistant. Being cost-effective, these are greatly resistant to heat and highly drought tolerant, which makes them an excellent choice for low-maintenance trees.

6. Flowering Dogwood Tree

Being one of the most beautiful trees and stemming from the dogwood species, this stunning flowering tree provides a fantastic layer of coverage and shade while showcasing a mesmerizing array of colors. If you are looking for a shade tree that utilizes a good splash of color, the flowering dogwood tree is a great pick for any outdoor space.

Averaging a mature height of around 23 feet tall, their interest lies in their leaves. The leaves of this tree look similar to flowers whilst the tree itself produces a separate, smaller, yellow flower. This combination of the two makes the flowering dogwood tree a noticeable and memorable addition to any landscape plant design.

Get the Best Shade Tree with the Right Landscape Plant Design Service

A landscape plant design can be an exciting process to undergo. With so many possibilities and plants that exist, finding the correct combination of landscape and hardscape is essential to creating a space that brings you joy.

At West Hills Masonry, we always assist our customers in designing a landscape and hardscape that brings out the best in their small yards. Partnering with an expert team like ours grants you the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure that your landscape receives the tender, loving care that it truly deserves.

To begin the first few steps on your landscaping masterpiece, contact us at 714-519-5009 at West Hills Masonry today!

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