When you buy a new home, you are making a significant financial investment. As a result, you may be looking for new ways to improve upon the overall value of your investment and make it look even better than it did before. Having pool contractors install a modern swimming pool on your property is a way to increase its worth.

While there are many ways to improve your landscape design and make your home surroundings more enjoyable, adding custom landscaping and hardscaping to Orange County to your property is one of the best ways to boost the value of your home. Additionally, you can also pay attention to other exterior elements of the house, such as roofing, siding, gutters, windows, etc. You can also contact a Minnesota Roofer or one near your location to get repair and renovation services for these house features at an affordable price.

In this article, we will discuss some of the various landscape remodel projects you should consider to make your home look more desirable.

20 Landscape and Hardscape Projects Ideas for Your Home

Custom landscaping can greatly benefit the value of your Orange County home, and there are numerous possibilities for what you can do with the space around your house.

If you’re still not sure if you should add a custom landscape, here are some of the best landscaping and hardscaping ideas you can implement in your outdoor living spaces.

Driveways and Walkways

The driveway and walkways are the most frequent hardscape features in most landscaping, and these items are almost required. The driveway allows the homeowner to park his or her car, and the pathways allow the homeowner to walk without destroying the rest of the landscape construction.

When installing a driveway or walkway, there are numerous jobs that can be completed. Many others, however, prefer to utilize concrete.

On the other hand, other surfaces can be just as helpful and more appealing.

Decks and Patios

Decks and patios are two other prominent hardscape features. These are fantastic projects that serve a landscape of functions, the most important of which is to provide spaces for homeowners to sit and appreciate their surroundings, but they’re also perfect for entertaining guests and outdoor cooking. It’s important to be mindful of the space when building a patio or deck. It may be possible that pollutants such as cookstove smoke, mold spores or pesticide particles have gotten into the air, negatively affecting the people in the home. A good first step could be to buy mold test kit for a thorough inspection of the indoor as well as surrounding outdoor air, before deciding to entertain anybody.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is an important element of any home because they are both efficient and stylish while also stabilizing the sloping land and preventing it from eroding or crumbling.

It can also be a visually spectacular structure made of stone, ornamented with climbing vines and other plants if it is beautifully crafted from a range of decorative or ornamental materials.


Mulch is a broad phrase that refers to practically any sort of material used as a ground cover on top of the soil. Mulch has many advantages, including preventing weed development, managing soil moisture and temperature, lowering water usage, and improving the appearance of landscapes.

Furthermore, when you utilize organic materials like mulch, they decompose and add nutrients to the soil.

Shrubs and Trees

Conifer bushes and trees are ideal for landscaping around the house because they are low-maintenance. Decorative conifer species range in size and color from virtually white spines to gray, blue, green, yellow, and even bronze variations.

Planting these beautiful species in your backyard will increase the curb appeal of your property and give the impression of a well-kept yet backyard all year long.

Garden Decoration

Having a garden entails more than just cultivating plants-it also allows you to create a custom environment that can be used in collaboration with your landscape to create a unified aesthetic throughout the entire yard.

Consider using concrete or stone planter boxes for your garden to begin your hardscaping project and construct stone or gravel paths surrounding them. If you prefer a more freeform landscape design, you can use hardscape features such as a bench or sculptures to fill in the gaps.


Outdoor pavers are a decorative material that is used for walkways, driveways, patios, and other features and are made of high-strength materials to withstand outdoor environments.

Pavers come in various textures such as concrete, natural stone, or brick and come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Pavers are a great way for homeowners to customize their outdoor space and show off their personalities throughout their lawn and exterior landscaping.

Water Features

Water features are frequently seen as hardscape elements in the landscape and include features such as waterfalls and ponds. Water features not only seem lovely and appealing, but they also provide relaxing and cooling noises.

Outdoor Kitchen

Orange County homeowners frequently prefer to expand or add on to their homes in order to have a larger kitchen. If you want to stay in your current home but still have the benefits of a large kitchen, outdoor kitchens are a terrific option.

An outdoor kitchen can be built in front of an existing house or added to it, and they can occasionally provide more room than indoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens are often equipped with sinks, countertops, stoves, grills, and other features that allow them to cook and entertain all year long.

Outdoor Living Space

If you live in an apartment, you most likely miss the feeling of being in nature, and this is where outdoor living areas come into play. If you have outside spaces on your property, creating custom outdoor spaces is the greatest way to make use of the additional space.

With this option, you can bring the inside to the outdoors by adding plants, outdoor furniture, or even building your house with glass walls to make it feel as if it’s still part of your home.

By designing and building an outdoor living space, you can create an exterior entertainment space that improves the usefulness of available spaces, increases your home’s value, and provides you with areas that you will enjoy using with your family and friends.

Outdoor Fences

A fence is a barrier that is often formed of posts and wires or wood or metal slats that are placed around an area to keep things in or out. However, outdoor concrete walls are well-known in many parts of the world for providing privacy while allowing others to look through them.

They’re also ideal for any Orange County home with extensive lawns that need to be outlined while yet allowing access to the outdoors.

Concrete fences are often built of natural stone, but repurposed materials such as glass bottles can also be used. Regardless of the option you choose, this is a long-lasting and sturdy addition to your yard.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are frequently included in the hardscape category. These hardscape elements are also handy in awkward corners and entryways or other areas that may be too tiny for grass but could benefit from a little sprucing up.

While flower beds and other types of gardening require less upkeep than rock gardens, rock gardens provide interest to the landscape and can even be enhanced with the inclusion of a water feature.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting sets the tone. Whether your lights are practical or decorative, their style, brightness, and placement in your garden will be the most significant landscape design aspect from nightfall to dawn.

Landscape lighting can both physically and visually enlarge a living area. When you add light to a gloomy backyard, it visually stretches the borders of the house and showcases the lovely regions of your landscape.

Landscape lighting not only adds security and visual beauty to your yard but also allows you to use it after the sun goes down.

Add Plants

Creating circular sections or curved walks among the green grass is a popular way to incorporate flowers into the backyard landscape design.

This gives the place a mountainous appearance, but the intention is to lead the attention upward, and having numerous distinct garden places allow you to experiment with different sorts of plants rather than sticking to a few favorites.

Shade Trees

While some Orange County homeowners might require a privacy screen from their neighbors, others may be looking for a way to separate their yard from the road.

Trees and plants can assist you in providing a natural barrier for your yard, and if you have an empty yard and need more shade, a few large trees are an excellent addition to your home.

Artificial Grass

Lawn areas can be found in the majority of residential and business landscaping. While grass looks great and adds a lively look to outdoor spaces, it can be difficult to keep up in the long run.

Artificial turf or artificial grass appears to be real, requires no landscape maintenance, and can persist for many years without fading or deterioration. All of these characteristics offer a high return on investment.

Plant Beds

Colorful, textured garden beds packed with different plants can be difficult to achieve and maintain.

Massed plantings deceive the eye and make beds appear larger while remaining unified, which is beneficial in yards with a wide range of shrubs, trees, and other plantings-allowing you to fill a lengthy bed in a couple of seasons.

Container Plantings

Colorful container gardens are a simple way to spruce up entryways or outdoor spaces.

On the other hand, putting together unique pairs can be difficult, and you can simplify the work by combining brilliantly colored flowers and fascinating foliage plants for unique combinations.

Vine-Covered Archway

These archways add a lot of value to your Orange County home. You can create a wall along one side of the arch and the boundary of your garden if you desire and will give your backyard a sense of privacy, offering your own haven to return to after a hard day at work.

Walking Path with Shrubbery

If you don’t want people walking on your lawn, walkways lined with shrubbery can help with traffic flow in your yard. The bushes may be tamed to any size and form you wish, allowing you to fully personalize your landscape.

If you properly place the patio pavers, they will keep the earth from rising or dropping too much, keeping your walkway smooth for the next patio season.

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A quality hardscaping project is an important component of landscaping. They are frequently quite functional, yet they can also be rather lovely. Furthermore, hardscape elements reduce the amount of space in the landscape that requires active and frequent maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your yard.

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