Because some homeowners may take in the entire garden in a single glance, small gardens require careful thought when choosing hardscape features and plants for landscape installation.

Is your backyard long, thin, and in desperate need of a makeover to make it an impressive focal point? These narrow garden ideas will come in handy.

Narrow Gardening Tips to Try in Your Garden

There are tons of ways to help turn your long and narrow garden into something better, which the whole family can use. We’ve gathered some of our favorite narrow garden ideas below to help you get inspired.

Ensure Each Zone Has a Purpose

Give each zone in your long garden a sense of purpose when planning a narrow garden space. One area could be designated as a sunbathing lounge, another for entertaining and barbecuing, and yet another for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Create each zone or room with a mix of lawn, paving, and cottage garden ideas, with clever planting and screens to differentiate each area. Additionally, you might want to create a sturdy fence along your garden to prevent animals from destroying your precious plants. You can DIY as well – with the help of the right material (from the likes of Hillsborough fencing supply timber company) and online tutorials on the internet!

Don’t Forget About Shade

When it comes to garden room ideas, finding the right balance is critical, otherwise, you risk blocking out the sunlight as well. The best fruit trees for a small vegetable garden will provide excellent coverage without blocking too much sun and can be trimmed back to suit your needs. If your lawn has large trees, an arborist may be needed to trim their branches, because doing so yourself could be dangerous. You can locate a nearby tree care provider by searching the web for phrases like “tree removal jacksonville“.

Pick Functional Pieces

If left to its own devices, a narrow space could become positively dreary. However, clever styling and useful garden furniture can transform it into a welcoming and functional space.

Potted plants and interesting sculptures add a personal touch to the plot, and we like the door and window hardware choices. Their glass panels ensure that the line of sight is not blocked even when left wide open, providing a more airy and spacious feel.

Go with Taller Varieties for Your Flower Beds

Adding tall flowers to raised beds will add an interesting element to the garden. Use tall flower plants throughout your garden to create a beautiful and unique design. To get a better understanding of which flower to choose, you can visit portals like richards garten.

Provide proper care to plants

In order to maintain a healthy garden, you need to water the plants regularly, remove pests, and add nutrients to the soil with fertilizers. In addition, you might need to inspect your garden for insects and animals that could harm your plants. It is best to hire a company specializing in squirrel, mole, and Raccoon Removal to get rid of the wildlife if they are present.

Use Pots to Line a Deck

To line the perimeter of the lawn space, you can have a good assortment of pots filled with your favorite plants or various types of dahlias, tulips, and hibiscus. You could even plant some vegetables in a few of them if you want to do some gardening, as many plants thrive in containers, so growing vegetables in pots is definitely an option to consider.

Trust West Hills Masonry for Landscape and Garden Design

If you have a narrow garden, you’re well aware of the difficult task of finding small garden ideas that make it appear wider than it actually is. Hopefully, these narrow garden ideas will help you transform a narrow outdoor space into a beautiful outdoor oasis.

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