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What Makes a Great Landscape Company?

October 18, 2021 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

October 18, 2021
Written by: West Hills Masonry

Maintaining a beautiful yard is always a top concern for any home or business owner, as it’s the first thing visitors see when they arrive and the final thing they see before they depart. However, choosing the best Orange County landscape contractors for your outdoor needs is vital in achieving a beautiful landscape.

Whether you're a homeowner or a businessman, you need to understand how vital it is to hire a professional team of hardscape contractors.

In this article, we will take a look at several qualities to consider when searching for a great landscape company to help you save money and make the best decision for your commercial or residential lawn or landscape needs.

Continue reading below to find out more, and gather ideas on how to achieve the outdoor space you’ve always dreamt of.

How to Choose the Best Landscape Company

Here are six good qualities of a landscape company worth considering when hiring professional contractors for your landscape design.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Many businesses claim to put their customer first, but they don't always follow through in their actions or how they conduct business. That's why a great landscape crew leader is prepared to go above and beyond to make sure their customer is happy.

The landscape crew leaders that receive the most calls from satisfied customers are those who go the extra mile, even if it's for a simple task. This is because they genuinely care about the lawn care and property of their customers, and are dedicated to keeping them satisfied.

How do your potential landscapers handle complaints or issues? Before you commit, find out if they offer customer satisfaction guarantees on their work.

Also, pay attention to how quickly they respond to your phone calls or emails, as customer service is prioritized by a company that responds promptly to your requests.

Has Great Referrals

Getting a feel of their track record is the best way to tell if you're hiring true landscape specialists.

While any professional landscaping company should have a testimonials page, it doesn't give the complete picture, so be sure to go beyond what they've said about themselves and dive a little deeper.

Consider researching the company on the internet to see what people are saying about it. If you are unable to find anything online, request a list of referrals before hiring them to ensure you get a better grasp of the services and experience they provide.

Experienced Staff

Mowing the lawn, designing patios, removing trees, and pruning trees all require a strong eye for design and experience with professional lawn care equipment.

Any professional landscape contractor will work to meet your requirements, so it’s critical that the landscaping company you hire is knowledgeable, courteous, and well-trained.

Also, don’t be afraid to inquire about your landscaping team. Prepare a list of questions to ask a landscape contractor, such as the type of training they receive, and determine how well-versed the crews are in standard practices.

The answers to these general landscape contractor questions will reveal how dedicated they are to providing quality, consistency, and safety.

Offers a Variety of Services

One of the most essential qualities to look for in landscaping companies is that they can assist you with many of your landscaping needs year-round.

This will save you money since you won't have to recruit a new team for each job, and it will help you develop a trusted connection with a company you know does quality work.

Look for a landscape crew that can handle regular maintenance, seasonal lighting, water management, retaining walls, and all of the other features you have on your property.

Has Insurance

While it may be tempting to hire the cheapest crew that your neighbor suggests, do some additional research within the landscaping industry before entrusting your lawn to them.

The last thing you want to do is hire a crew that isn't very professional or lacks expertise and experience.

Be sure that the landscape contractor you hire is properly vetted, insured, and educated—just like any other contractor you hire for your home.

Extensive Portfolio

Examining the work portfolios of the landscaping company you're considering is one of the best ways to determine if they're the correct fit.

You'll get a sense of their work style, and you might even be able to incorporate some of the aspects from their earlier work into your own design.

Another approach to gathering more ideas is to schedule a consultation with a lawn or landscaping company and have them sketch out a preliminary plan of what they envisage for your space.

They may charge you for this service, but you'll have a design that will help you with your creative process even if you don't go with their services.

Understand Your Vision

Professional landscape companies should spend time with you discussing your ideal yard, as well as your budget and the level of lawn maintenance you're ready to undertake.

Your contractor should design a representation of your new yard based on this information, which will include a scale drawing of your home and commercial premises, any outdoor living buildings, and any existing and new plantings.

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Trusting your landscape to professional contractors is a very personal decision that involves a high level of trust and consideration. We hope this article has provided you with additional information to consider to help you choose the best team of contractors for your landscape ideas.

Are you ready to get started on your next landscaping project? West Hills Masonry is the team to rely on.

We go to great efforts to add significant value to your home or business by complementing your landscape with stunning outdoor additions.

With years of experience, you can trust our staff of landscape professionals to turn your landscaping dreams into reality and leave you with a lovely outdoor environment that everyone will love.

To learn more about our landscape design ideas or receive a free estimate, contact us at West Hills Masonry today.

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