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What Makes a Good Landscape Design? Qualities to Consider When Planning Your Outdoor Remodeling

August 8, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

August 8, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

One of the most worthwhile home renovation tasks you can perform is creating an outdoor living area through landscape remodeling. No matter their size, outdoor living areas can extend your indoor living space.

Every homeowner fantasizes about having a fashionable and useful outside area. Landscape renovation would require more than adding patio drop shades and comfortable outdoor chairs. To make your landscape design ideas a reality, you should consider landscape remodeling.

A few qualities to consider while trying to achieve a successful landscape renovation include the following:


While considering how to renovate your backyard, consider how you use it now and how you would like to use it in the ideal world.

A thoughtful design based on your lifestyle will help you make the most of the space you have, whether you want to use your backyard for entertaining, resting, playing sports, or all of the above.


Set and arrange your budget before committing to your next project. You might need to allot more funds for upkeep fees than for interior remodeling. This normally goes to the landscaping of your yard and other things like ponds, fire pits, and swimming pools.

Are you prepared to pay upfront expenses to fund your current remodeling project? Or even better, overspend to cover the long-term maintenance costs of your dream landscape project.

This could seem uncomfortable if you're redecorating your outside space for the first time. Work closely with your contractor, evaluate quotes, or get advice from a friend who recently went through a backyard renovation.

The Sun's Position

The sun is a unique element that can bring out the most from your landscape remodeling design process. Therefore, consider where the sun will be or won't be while constructing your outside space and make plans appropriately.

If you want more sun promptly, your landscape renovation might require you to move a patio or planting area farther away from your house to get it out of the house's shadow. Every project will require different materials, so always beware of the sun's location during the day.

Expert designers will ensure your property indoors and outdoors will shine through with an extra boost from the sun. This landscape construction means working with the right materials, keeping maintenance in mind, and applying landscape remodeling techniques with innovation and calculated risk.

Texture, Color, and Shapes

Even if you don't want to overhaul your entire landscape at once, think about working with the right contractors and designers to create a master plan for the goals you have for your outdoor living space.

The texture is how the materials in an environment feel, such as whether they are firm or soft, jagged or smooth. Stone walls can be split-faced for a rougher appearance or saw-cut for a polished finish.

The color of the materials is all that is meant by color. Neutral colors include tans, grays, browns, greens, etc. They might also be stronger artificial colors like yellows, whites, and blues, among others.

Whichever option you select, consider where the color goes and how each color interacts with the others, especially if you plan to retain walls in your landscape or hardscape plan.

Shape describes the proportion of curves to straight lines or the blending of the two. Straight lines suggest a more manicured outdoor setting, which you want to have control over. This could be more formal like traditional French or more modern.

Hire Skilled Artisans and Installers

Do your research before choosing the best contractor, mason, woodworker, or any craftsman or installer you're willing to spend on. Check out internet reviews, look at their portfolio and samples of prior work, and rely on recommendations.

If you're dealing with a design-build company or a reputable landscape contractor, they will probably arrange and recruit specialized craftspeople on behalf of your renovation project.

You can stay within your budget by reusing materials and painting over old fences and storage sheds rather than buying new ones.

Consider Long-Term Maintenance

Paving, ground cover, decks, and landscaping all need constant attention, especially if you're going for an extensive landscape remodel. You decide how much you're willing to spend.

Concrete will require less upkeep than pavers, whether made of stone or concrete, and gravel will require less upkeep than concrete. Plus, each of them comes with a variety of price tags. As a general rule, the more "maintenance-free" something is, the more expensive the initial purchase will be.

Compared to natural timbers like cedar, composite decking can last longer but costs more if you're thinking about decking out your landscape plan. Additionally, certain plants may survive without water if you or Mother Nature do not, as opposed to others.

It's important to consider how much labor your outdoor space is required to maintain once they are installed. This includes landscape construction, the irrigation system, shade structures, and whether or not your front yard needs daily upkeep.

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