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What is an Example of Hardscape? 7 Types of Hardscaping You Need to Know

July 28, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

July 28, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

When landscape remodeling, there are two things to consider to get the outdoor living space you want. Hardscaping refers to any man-made structure within landscape design that is comprised of inanimate materials such as gravel, wood, brick, or stone.

The term hardscape refers to any non-living structure in an outdoor space. Examples of hardscape elements include driveways, fountains, patios, fire pits, and walkways.

In contrast, softscaping is a landscape design style focusing primarily on organic, living elements such as trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

7 Types of Hardscaping for Your Outdoor Space

You can construct a hardscaping design for your front yard using a wide variety of materials and products. Below is an overview of seven types of hardscape elements.

  1. Fire pits - Brick or stone outdoor fireplaces or fire pits are functional hardscaping elements that can make your outdoor space more livable and relaxing.
  2. Stone pathways - Stone pathways are commonly constructed from natural stone or concrete pavers. They can provide access to different areas of your garden, allowing you to avoid stepping in the dirt or the grass.
  3. Gazebos and pergolas - Hardscaping comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and themes.
    Examples include gazebos and pergolas, which are partially-shaded walkways. They provide shade and shelter during outdoor gatherings and enhance the livability of your house.
  4. Retaining walls - A retaining wall is a load-bearing wall that defines the boundary of a garden at the top or bottom of a hill, successfully damming up soil and water runoff that would otherwise hinder the growth of the softscape.
  5. Decks and patios - Decks and patios made of wood are another type of hardscaping that can be used to extend the living space into the outdoor area. Depending on the cost and maintenance requirements, brick or concrete may be used.
  6. Fountains - Water features such as fountains and paved garden streams can provide your backyard with a tranquil atmosphere and a natural focal point.
  7. Driveways - Driveways provide vehicular access to a residence. They can be constructed from poured concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, or any other weatherproof and load-bearing substance.
    Some homeowners choose to hardscape new driveways if they plan to expand or renovate after excessive wear on the existing driveway.

You may work with a professional company specializing in landscape construction or landscape renovation, for your next landscape remodeling project.

The Importance of Hardscaping for Your Landscape Design

Hardscaping is an integral component of designing for landscape remodeling. Let's examine several reasons why:

  • Low Maintenance - The low maintenance requirements of backyard hardscapes are their most attractive feature. Once you've created the backyard of your dreams, it will remain the same for many years. This indicates that no watering, pruning, mowing, snipping, or trimming is necessary.
  • Water-efficient -In areas where drought is prevalent, hardscaping is an excellent method for combating water waste.
    A backyard hardscaping eliminates the need to water your grass, plants, and flowers. In addition, you won't have to worry about your plants dying or your grass turning brown.
  • Boost property value - Adding hardscaping materials to your backyard on your next landscape remodeling can increase the value of your home.
    By adding an outdoor extension to your residence, you increase the number of usable shade structures and allow potential buyers to visualize themselves relaxing and entertaining in the area. When purchasing a home, 84% of buyers look for an outdoor patio.
  • Increase entertainment area - During the warmer months, the deck and patio constitute an extension of the home. Adding a hardscape to your backyard will significantly enhance your family's outdoor experience by providing more space to sit and enjoy nature.
    Create a path leading to a fire pit or even an outdoor kitchen to make your backyard the ultimate destination for outdoor entertainment.
  • Add dimension - Say goodbye to your flat, expansive backyard. With a little hardscaping on your next landscape renovation project, you can create a visually appealing space in your yard by incorporating varying levels, defined edges, and winding pathways.
    In addition, pergolas, courtyard walls, fences, and stone boundary lines provide additional seclusion from adjacent neighbors.
  • Minimize erosion - When properly planned, hardscaping materials can reduce erosion risk. By placing stone or concrete barriers in areas prone to erosion, you can preserve the integrity of your front yard for decades.

Work With Hardscape Professionals for Your Landscape Remodeling

Hardscaping may be expensive, but it can boost the value of your home. A fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or patio pavers can make your outdoor area more livable and increase the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and resale value of your property.

Our expert designers can help create your dream landscape design in a timely manner. We also make sure great communication is being implemented during the design process and landscape construction, so we know that the vision and budget of our clients are being followed.

If you need any advice or if you have any questions for your next landscape remodeling. Our team is ready to help, contact us at 714-519-5009 at West Hills Masonry today!

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