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What Can I Put in My Yard Instead of Grass? Here's to a No Mow Backyard

August 18, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

August 18, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

Most homeowners won't admit it, but not all of us have the time to give our lawns the attention and maintenance they need to become lush and healthy. But why redo the grass? After all, shouldn't a backyard renovation or landscape remodeling create a stunning visual and well-balanced exterior?

Many grassy areas are left unattended and become a mud bath in the winter and scalped naked and rock hard in the summer. They are full of moss and weeds and always pleading for attention. Thus, landscape remodeling or a landscape renovation is often considered by homeowners.

Read on to know a few alternatives to having a no-mow backyard.

Think About Ground-Covering Plants

Do you love the thick carpet that grass makes but dislike the maintenance? When it comes to grass substitutes, there are lots of different plants that can handle the job.

If you are remodeling your landscape, consider plants that form mats, such as Rupturewort also known as Herniaria glabra and Bugle or Ajuga Reptans, which grow quickly and form clumps of leaves almost instantly.

White Creeping Thyme or Thymus serpyllum, which has clouds of small purple and white blossoms during the summer and attracts bees, provides a crisp, zesty aroma when touched.

Keep a Chamomile Lawn Healthy

Imagine yourself unwinding on a spring-like, verdant chamomile patch and inhaling the delicious, fruity smell. This is a great grass substitute with soft, feathery leaves that hug the ground and send out shoots in the summer to form a lovely, tightly woven covering.

The ideal kind for a lawn is low-growing Chamomile Treneague, which should not be confused with Roman Chamomile that blooms. These plants, which enjoy a sunny position in light, wet soil and take up to a year to get going, are perfect for spaces that are only sporadically utilized.

When they are established, the leaves compress when stepped on or sat upon, but don't worry—they will quickly rebound. This promotes the development of new roots, which have been great for many years. A chamomile lawn also helps other plants and trees stand out in your backyard or front yard.

Take It Easy with Gravel

For a stylish, relaxed appearance, replace a worn-out lawn with gravel. It's ideal for simple, low-care garden ideas because it's great for controlling weeds, holding moisture, and helping plants self-seed and spread.

Use it to cover areas of any size and lay them on top of landscaping cloth with a depth of around 5 cm. A gravel area will need a retaining edge to define it and prevent the stones from escaping into adjacent areas.

This type of landscape renovation project helps you highlight your outdoor space with shade structures that bring out the best of your hardscape features.

Try Using Bark Chips

Bark chippings are available in various colors so that you can customize the look, but if you want to ensure that it comes from a sustainable source, choose an FSC-approved product, especially if you want to design an environmentally friendly garden.

Refill your soil every two to three years, and steer clear of utilizing freshly chopped bark around trees and garden plants because they might deplete the soil's nitrogen content.

Choose a layer of chips that is 5 cm to 10 cm thick and is spread on landscape cloth. To keep the bark in place and define spaces like borders or ponds, use timber sleepers, Corten steel edging, or log rolls. Ensure expert designers and contractors help with the integration and installation.

Elevate Using Planters

Raised planters can transform grass into a garden, which has several advantages. You won't need to weed or till as much because you won't be planting straight into the earth. Incorporating planters can make a difference in your next project and ensure your landscape design won't mess with your dream landscape.

Veggies planted in planters are easier to gather compared to those placed in container gardens and they use less water. However, they aren't just for vegetables—raised beds are a great place for perennials, annuals, and ornamental grasses to grow.

You won't even have to worry about setting up a complex irrigation system that could completely alter your outdoor living space.

Mulch Might Help

The grass is replaceable with organic mulches like cedar or pine bark chips if you prefer a more natural ground cover. Cover the bare soil with landscaping cloth before spreading the mulch to stop weeds from rising to the surface.

Note that dog owners should not use mulch made from cocoa husks because it is poisonous to them. This approach is also cost-reductive and helps you stay within the budget when adding other plants and planters to your landscape construction.

Go Artificial

Artificial turf might be your ideal option if you've been dreaming of a lush, green lawn but can't stand to pull out another dandelion. The new artificial grass boasts great drainage and is stain-resistant.

The best aspect is that it won't need any upkeep and will constantly be green. This is another budget-friendly landscape construction idea you can try in your backyard. Retaining walls and having to fix up different water needs won't be so complex when you have an artificial lawn.

Install a Patio

Create a concrete jungle in your backyard by adding a stunning new patio. A beautiful and useful place can be made using stamped concrete, patio pavers, or natural stone.

Around the perimeter of your house, try planting decorative grasses and vibrant flowers to add character to the property. You may also add a couple of strategically placed containers filled with foliage to brighten the area. 

Rocks and Stones

Make a rock garden using stones and flowers to achieve a variety of hues and textures. The brilliant blossoms and the untamed simplicity of the rocks will make for a unique backyard highlight.

Plus, you will still enjoy the stones sprinkled throughout your property once the flowers have faded in the winter.

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