Whether you are creating a large-scale landscaping plan with new garden beds, irrigation work, and hardscaping or simply replacing there are several things you should know about how to prepare for your new landscaping installation that can help to ensure your landscape design project is completed on time, on budget, and smoothly.

Clean Your Yard

One of the first steps in preparing your lawn for spring is to clean any organic and inorganic debris, such as animal waste or household waste, that has accumulated over the winter, such as leaves and twigs.

Taking advantage of periodic thaws in the winter can help you stay on track all season long and help with the cabin fever we all experience during the winter months. 

Select Your Mulches as Soon as Possible

Although it is not yet time to install new plants or your yard’s permanent structures, you can lay the groundwork for upcoming plant life. Edge your beds, cut back any dead branches, and start thinking about what kind of mulch you’d like to use in the spring.

Natural mulches are used in many public and professional gardens because they break down quickly and contribute to plant life and soil biodiversity.

Check on Your Trees After Every Storm

Look for signs of dead or hanging tree branches after each winter storm to keep your lawn in good shape and to protect the structures around your house. Dangling limbs should be removed immediately for safety reasons and to save time on spring cleanup.

Draft Your Design

If you have any landscape or outdoor living projects or renovations planned for the coming season, now is the time to contact your landscaping team. Spend time planning and creating a landscape design so that when spring arrives, you are ready and can enjoy the results of your landscape project for the rest of the season.

Find a Licensed Landscaper

Finding a certified and licensed landscaping firm is one of the most important steps. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have all of the answers.

Qualified landscaping professionals with a proven track record in the industry can assist you in developing a smart plan that fits your budget-and includes hardscape features, such as natural stone and retaining walls, that will provide you and your family with long-term enjoyment.

Archive Your Ideas Accordingly

Consider keeping your sketches, notes, ideas, landscaper’s phone number, and other information in a binder or using an app on your smartphone or computer to keep everything organized.

Partner with Us for Your Next Landscaping Project

Any homeowner can be excited about new landscaping opportunities. A beautifying transformation that is about to breathe new life into your property should be met with excitement and joy. However, be sure to follow the aforementioned steps before breaking ground on your next major home improvement project.

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