Professional landscaping and landscape installation not only beautifies the exterior of your home but also adds value to its curb appeal. If you need help choosing foundation plantings for your garden, this guide contains helpful information to help you make the best decision for your yard.

What to Know About Shrubs?

Shrub leaves come in almost every color, including nearly black, as in Black Lace elderberry and pink flowers. Even plain green deciduous varieties frequently turn vibrant colors in the fall.

Despite their name, evergreen shrubs have an amazing range of green foliage or multicolored foliage of colors other than green, including soft blue, yellow, and variegated in yellow or cream with green.

This colorful foliage stands out even more in the early spring or early summer. When choosing shrubs, keep in mind how they will consider throughout the year, as well as your shrub borders.

Drought-Tolerant Shrubs

When compared to many smaller plants, most shrubs are drought-tolerant once established. You can’t always rely on rain to water your plants in some parts of the country. Choose drought-tolerant shrubs for your garden if you want to use less water.

Shrubs that Attract Wildlife

Native plants or shrubs are other viable options. Native species have adapted to local climate and moist soil conditions because they’ve lived in well-drained soil for centuries. They also have a lot of low-maintenance advantages, like not requiring much watering, being resistant to pests and disease, and being popular with local wildlife. That being said, plants that attract wildlife like rodents, ferrets, etc, can be an inconvenience for many people. 

Other Considerations

Other factors in plant selection cut across the previously discussed categories. Limiting factors may apply depending on where you start your new garden. Be sure to keep these factors in mind during your landscape planning.


Privet was once a popular, fast-growing hedge, but homeowners grew tired of having to shear the plants on a regular basis. Consider how much effort and time you’re willing to put into maintenance, which includes not only pruning but also watering shrubs. Drought-tolerant options are available.

Sun or Shade

What will be the location of the shrub? Some prefer hot, sunny conditions, while others prefer light shade or partial shade conditions. Some deciduous shrubs are hardy enough to withstand any conditions they are planted in.

Creative Garden and Landscaping Design at West Hills Masonry

When it comes to improving your landscape, the possibilities are limitless. Your choice of shrubs will largely depend on personal preference. Make a list of your favorite plant, evergreen trees, deciduous trees, and flowering trees, then gradually add plants as you get a feel for your outdoor space.

Walking around your neighborhood can help you find inspiration. You might even find a gardener who is willing to give you extra perennials that they have thinned.

With the assistance of our landscaping experts at West Hills Masonry, choosing the right plants for your landscape design project does not have to be difficult. We work hard to provide each of our clients with a unique landscape design project that will turn all of your landscaping dreams into a reality.

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