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Infinity Pool Ideas For Your Home

November 17, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

November 17, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

What's better than having a swimming pool in your home? A pool that seamlessly blends into your home can work wonders for your interior and landscaping design. Infinity pools, also known as zero edge pools, are some of the most sought-after pool designs because their rimless and infinity edge allows them to meld so well into any surface and backdrop. 

If you're considering an infinity pool for your house, check out these infinity pool ideas. You may just find one that you can present to your pool contractor so they can start drafting you swimming pool designs you'll love!

1. Petite Pool in a Small Backyard

Who says swimming pools have to be enormous? When you work with the best pool contractors, even the smallest backyards can fit in a nice infinity pool. Even a small yard can turn into an elegant and luxurious space with the help of professional landscapers and decorators from West Hills Masonry.

2. Tropical Design

Have a tropical paradise experience without leaving your home when you incorporate tropical accents into your infinity pool. Adopt a half-in, half-out style pool that allows you to enjoy the outdoor view.

Incorporate tropical plants and woven furniture in your landscape design and pool area. Use wood for the pool deck. For a more cozy vibe, you can also hang a hammock and some mesh curtains and put in pillows.

3. Pool With Sunken Pool Lounge

Do you love lounging in your pool area? Take things up a notch and have your pool contractor build a sunken pool lounge in the middle of your pool!

It's like taking your living room outdoors so you can enjoy the peaceful ambiance without needing to dip yourself in the water every time. Not to mention, your sunken pool lounge is sure to impress guests when you have people over.

4. Oasis Design

Pools can be geometric and structured, or they can be free-forming and look natural. If being one with nature is more your style, ask for an oasis design and your pool contractor can build you a free-form infinity pool surrounded by cacti and short flower shrubs and top everything off with a stone jacuzzi. 

5. One Lane Lap Pool

Did you know you can have both relaxation and fitness in one pool? Ask for a single full or half-length lap pool in your home. These are narrow and can fit more easily in narrow spaces. Not to mention, they look very sleek and look elegant in most modern homes.

6. Hanging By The Edge

The beauty of infinity pools lies in their seamless design. And some of the most iconic infinity pool designs have the pool hanging by the edge of a surface, with one side facing a deck and the other side facing a beautiful view. Such designs work amazingly for high surfaces such as cliff edges or even buildings. 

7. Go Green

Pools can look a bit unnatural to some. If you'd like a pool that looks like it's a part of nature, ask your contractor to use stones rather than tiles for your pool flooring. Keep the pool free form, and even add some fountains to make it look like a spring or waterfall is pouring water into your pool. And don't forget to add trees or even a garden around your pool to complete the natural look!

8. Palm Springs Type

A hallmark infinity pool design is the one in Palm Springs where leisure meets lifestyle. The design is sleek, the deck is smooth, colors are pale, and the surrounding structures are modern architecture. If you want to go for a luxury retreat vibe, this is a great pool design for you.

9. Colorful Tiles

You can also add color to your infinity pool by using bright tiles. You can get creative and ask for images on your pool floor, or you can ask for patterns or designs for a more classic look. These highlight your pool so they can be front and center in your backyard.

10. Add a Fountain

There are many ways to incorporate another water feature into your pool. Add a fountain on more shallow areas of the pool so children can play with them, attach a wall fountain to the pool edge, or place a fountain over the pool for a waterfall-like design. Fountains come in many shapes and sizes, so there's bound to be one that flatters your pool design of choice.

11. Wraparound Design

There's no end to how creative you can get when it comes to the shape of your infinity pool. If you have the space for it, consider a wraparound design rather than limiting your pool to just your backyard. With a pool that goes around your home, you create an illusion of a floating home, which is a unique design!

Turn Your Visions Into Reality With a Trusted Pool Contractor

Was there an infinity pool design idea that stood out to you? Contact West Hills Masonry and speak with one of our pool contractors and discuss how we can bring your chosen pool design to life!

At West Hills Masonry, we can transform your backyard by building amazing swimming pools and spas that just soak up all your stress. Building an infinity pool is a huge investment. Work with only the best, and let the hardworking pool builders of West Hills Masonry offer you the best service fitting your lifestyle, needs, and budget. 

Contact West Hills Masonry today to kickstart your pool project!

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