How to Care For Your Newly Paved Patio

Your outdoor area living space is truly an extension of your home, and it deserves the same care that you lavish on your house interiors. Even if you choose not to work with hardscape contractors, knowing how to maintain your newly paved patio will help you keep your patio looking clean and beautiful all year long.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most essential paver patio maintenance tips that will help you keep your new patio looking beautiful for years to come. Continue reading below to learn more and discover how West Hills Masonry, the number one team of Orange County landscape contractors, can help you achieve the home landscaping of your dreams.

Sweep Patio Regularly

Sweeping your patio on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to keep them looking beautiful. Dust, soil, leaves, and other debris that might cause stains and collect in those tiny nooks and crannies can be avoided by giving them a quick once-over. If you’re expecting rain, it’s also a good idea to sweep your patio or use a leaf blower to make cleanup easier later.

Use a Paver Sealer

One of the greatest methods to keep your brick and stone pavers in good shape is to seal them. Not only will this keep them safe from the outdoor elements, but it will also make cleanup a snap. If you correctly seal your pavers, all you’ll need to do to keep them looking fantastic is give them frequent cleaning. In general, you should reseal pavers every one to two years, especially if they’re on a patio or driveway that gets a lot of use.

Spot Clean Stubborn Stains

In addition to sweeping and rinsing on a daily basis, you should use a power washer or pressure washer for power washing your brick and stone patios using your preferred cleaning solution on a regular basis. Or, you can also hire a professional from reputed pressure washing companies in your area for the same. This little bit of patio care will guarantee that you’re getting rid of the soil and filth, especially in cracks and other hard-to-reach spots.

If you do not want to power wash or pressure wash your patio, you can use regular dish soap and water or use a light cleanser and a towel or sponge to clean with your garden hose. Or you could hire professionals who can do the job as they often have proper janitorial supplies and the relevant experience to take care of your patio. Regardless of what cleaning method you use, a bristle wire brush should be used to scrub your newly power-washed patio gently.

Replace Broken or Stained Patio Pavers

Do you have any extremely stained pavers or damaged patio pavers that you can’t seem to clean or repair no matter how hard you try? Individual paving stones can sometimes be removed and replaced without causing damage to the surrounding pavers. This will renew the look of your patio and ensure that it looks brand new at all times. Or, you can also get the patios painted to cover up the stains. It is as simple as taking care of your wooden deck. Just like when your deck gets stained you tend to prefer Deck Painting instead of getting it replaced, and so is the case with patios. Not only is it cost-effective, but convenient too. Besides, changing the patio stones comes with a lot of challenges.

The most challenging aspect of paver care will most likely be replacing your broken patio stones. It is, nevertheless, necessary not just for appearances but also for safety.

Use Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand, also known as poly sand, is typically used to keep the bricks on your patio together, but certain varieties of regular sand seem to attract weed growth and nearby critters more than others. However, polymeric sand does not appear to be a favorite of burrowing insects.

Using polymeric sand will help you maintain your paver patio while also reducing the amount of labor you have to perform. While polymeric sand won’t kill weeds, poly sand will keep them from sprouting again and can be found in nearly every home improvement or hardware store. Also, be sure not to use excess sand when choosing this option.

Repair Grout

Just as time and activity may wear down the bricks on your patio, so can the grout. Your patio may need to be re-laid in some circumstances.

In other circumstances, a simple repair is all that is required. All you have to do now is re-sand any paver joints that appear to be disjointed.

Use a Natural Solution to Kill Weeds

With patio pavers, weeds are a regular issue, and they’ll occasionally appear in the cracks between the stones. Pulling them seems not to stop weeds but causes them to multiply and appear more quickly.

To prevent weeds or kill the weeds, combine vinegar solution and water in a natural cleaning weed killer solution. This type of solution is completely safe for your pets and family.

Have a Regular Maintenance Schedule

When you ask folks who have great-looking patios how they keep their patio clean, they will all reply the same thing. They clean them on a regular basis.

We recommend cleaning the patio once a year with a mild, plant-safe mild detergent to remove dirt, debris, and build-up. While this home maintenance tip is optional, it keeps your patio looking brand new.

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It doesn’t take much time or effort to keep your newly paved patio in good shape. The most important thing to understand about your patio is that, while they don’t require a lot of upkeep, they do need to be maintained on a regular basis.

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