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How Do You Find a Backyard Designer to Revamp Your Outdoor Space?

August 11, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

August 11, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

It cannot be easy to choose a backyard designer for your next landscape remodeling. When employing someone, as with any other professional, it is important to find the right person for the job.

Regarding a landscape remodel, it's key to find expert designers to help you go through your budget and landscape design ideas. This includes a master plan that considers high-impact features, durable materials, and outdoor furniture, among other things required in landscape remodeling.

Make a Short List of Landscape Remodeling Firms

Once you've decided what you want, it's time to create a short list of local businesses specializing in landscaping design. Speak with your friends and neighbors to receive reliable recommendations.

You may even ask a neighbor whose yard you think is particularly attractive, about who designed the landscaping there.

Next, select two or three professionals from your shortlist to submit formal bids for your landscaping project.

Go Through Your Network

Looking within your circles is typically the first step, and asking friends and neighbors for recommendations on businesses they've dealt with and had positive experiences with regarding their landscape remodeling.

Someone in your network is sure to be able to recommend a seasoned landscaper, and a glowing recommendation from a close friend can be just as trustworthy as dozens of online reviews.

Check Possible Company Memberships

Homeowners prefer to do business with organizations that belong to local, state, or national associations. Most real estate firms have the most current knowledge and keep up with various trends via networking with peers.

There is a great deal of discussion in association communities about current trends and support for technical expertise, safety, and best practices.

Thoroughly Sort Through Qualifications

You may get an idea of the success of your landscaping job if you work with the right landscape construction expert.

Looking at the specifics of projects they have completed in the past and noting how they turned out can show you their style and approach when working with a new landscape construction or renovation project.

It's protocoled to check out their past work and see which renovation project stood out and aligns with your design vision. If a pro declines to offer a portfolio or references, take that as a warning.

Landscape and exterior design companies will all have portfolios to display moreover references that will

Request Experience from Candidates

Ask the landscaping firm you are considering how long they have been in operation. Remember that your desired landscape renovation requires attention and dedication. They should be keen whether they have completed landscaping jobs of a similar nature in the past.

Fewer delays and other minor hiccups might be caused by a skilled designer or organization with experience in remodeling projects or designing an outdoor living space.

Ask Your Local Gardening Shop for Reliable Landscape Construction Services

Ask around your local gardening shop if they know landscape or backyard designers who have a green eye. Gardening methods that are organic or green are always appreciated when trying to achieve a successful landscape renovation.

An innovative and practical backyard design will do a great job designing outdoor projects with more sustainable ways of maintaining a garden full of plants, using eco-friendly hardscape materials, and ensuring they meet different water needs.

Ask the landscaping firm you opt to work with if they apply sustainable landscaping techniques and offer organic lawn care. Below is a list of green landscaping techniques suggested by landscaping experts:

  • Irrigation System
  • Soil preparation
  • Plant selection
  • Water conservation
  • Avoidance of chemicals
  • Grasscycling
  • Shade structures

Request for a Site Visit

If possible, request to see a landscape construction job in progress. This will allow you to observe the professionalism they must possess displayed on a job site.

It is a bad sign if your landscaping project takes more than a few days to complete if the work site is messy or poorly organized. It might not be a significant deal for quick jobs, like new landscaping concepts for the front of the property, but it is still worth noting for quality assurance of your landscape construction.

What Else to Consider When Looking for a Backyard Designer?

It's important to pay close attention while selecting a landscape architect or backyard designer for your project. After all, the design stage influences each subsequent step in the landscaping process.

Here are some non-negotiables to watch out for:

They Have a "We" Approach

The best landscape design projects frequently come up due to collaboration between the designer and the builder. That might be two separate people or the same gifted person.

In either case, make sure to solicit feedback from all sides to guarantee that the finished product will look not only excellent but also be practical, last the test of time, and do so without breaking the bank. Don't assume that the landscape designer is an expert in building techniques and vice versa to avoid a skewed vision of your dream landscape.

Liability Insurance is Covered

Avoid working with a landscaper who isn't covered by liability insurance. The amount of insurance that your landscaping design firm carries should at the very least equal the price of your home.

That might seem excessive, but remember that landscaping blunders can be expensive, like cutting a gas line or having a tree fall on your house.

They Have Experience and Continuously Like to Learn

Inquire for recommendations from the last contractor on your shortlist. See if their design aesthetic appeals to you by looking through their portfolios. Visit their websites to learn more about their training and work history in regional landscaping.

For professionals who create landscape designs, ongoing education is essential. Verify the associations and credentials of the landscaping firms you are considering.

Bring Your Backyard Dreams to Life with West Hills Masonry

Our team goes above and beyond to guide you through each online process step and carefully considers your landscape remodeling preferences and your property's unique characteristics. We make sure that you receive quality work in a timely manner without compromising the design process.

Book a consultation now and find out how we can design and build your Orange County landscape with meticulous attention to detail, the highest quality materials, and unparalleled creativity.

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