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How Can I Improve My Landscape on a Budget?

July 21, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

July 21, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

You do not have to spend your entire budget improving your home's curb appeal. A beautiful landscape design may seem expensive, but a stunning yard can also be affordable.

By reusing an old watering can, laying down free mulch, and hanging some string lights, it is possible to create a charming, cozy backyard for very little money. 

These 10 low-cost landscape design ideas are sure to inspire you. Don't unload your bank account, but do grab your sun hat and gardening boots to begin enhancing the appearance of your yard.

1. Add A Walkway

Stones or pavers make for excellent, cost-effective walkways. They draw attention to areas of the yard that you wish to highlight and encourage visitors to explore.

In addition to preventing people from walking on the grass, pathways provide a sense of direction from one area of the yard to another. Adding moss or plants to your stones will create an affordable and elegant walkway.

2. Distribute Some Mulch

Mulch is exactly what your flower beds need to stand out. It gives your flower beds a textured ground cover and prevents those pesky weeds from stealing the show.

It also helps retain moisture, and organic mulches can return nutrients to the soil to improve plant health. This low-cost landscape design project will not only help your plants grow, but it will also make your flowers an attractive focal point.

3. Plant Some Flowers

When giving directions to your house, wouldn't it be nice to say, yours is the one with the beautiful mailbox surrounded by flowers?

When you surround your front yard with a flower bed or a small trellis with self-climbing plants such as hydrangeas or roses, no one will be able to miss your driveway.

4. Add a Tree Sapling

If you enjoy saving money, plant a small sapling, and your tree may increase the value of your home when you decide to sell.

Strategically placed saplings can grow into massive trees that help reduce homes' energy costs. Evergreens can reduce heating costs by blocking cold winter winds, whereas deciduous trees can reduce heating costs by shading the home.

5. Repurpose Some Items as Planters

Repurpose an old barrel, piano, tub, or wheelbarrow as a planter to create an eye-catching focal point. You will likely have a one-of-a-kind creation in your front yard and earn an A+ in recycling.

However, do not use an old toilet as a planter. This will not garner the desired attention from family, friends, and neighbors.

6. Landscape with Catchy Lighting

After sunset, outdoor string lights can turn your entire yard into a magical setting.

Never dined al fresco because it was always too dark? You'll have a beautiful evening landscape and a delicious meal if you hang luminescent string lights around your backyard dining area.

You can work with landscape designers, like West Hills Masonry, for this project. This is to ensure that your outdoor space gets the landscape design it deserves.

7. Use a Bit of Edging for Some Order

When landscaping on a budget, sometimes the best way to save money is to enhance what you already have.

Is your favorite tree looking a bit neglected, or is the mulch in your flower beds encroaching on the grass? Consider using edging to transform your trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Edging keeps mulch in place, prevents erosion, and draws attention to your landscape.

Stone, brick, wood, concrete, metal, logs, and recyclable materials are utilized as edging materials.

8. Grow an Edible Garden

An edible garden can reduce your grocery bill because you will consume the fruits and vegetables you grow rather than purchasing them from a store.

Maintaining a cost-effective garden may require time and effort, but a successful harvest will be well worth the effort.

9. Make Your Garden Bed Pop-Up

A raised garden keeps weeds at bay, discourages soil compaction, offers excellent drainage, and safeguards your plants from pests. Additionally, raised flower or vegetable beds to add aesthetic value to your garden.

This technique can be constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, cinder blocks, and brick.

10. Make Your Rock Garden Rock

A rock garden also referred to as a rockery or alpine garden, highlights various rocks, boulders, and pebbles. Small or large, gray or brown, your rock garden will feature a variety of sizes, shapes, and hues.

Rock gardens help to diversify your yard and provide a visually appealing contrast to the grass. These gardens are drought-resistant and low-maintenance, so you will not have to invest a great deal of money in their upkeep.

Improve Your Yard With Cost-Effective Landscaping

Without proper planning, do-it-yourself projects may result in costly errors, costing you more than if you had hired a professional. Many landscaping experts market themselves as cost-effective and are eager to help you avoid exceeding your budget.

You may discover that working with a professional landscape architect makes your project stress-free and leaves you with a result you could not have achieved on your own.

If you are interested in learning about all your options and possible additional landscape design concepts, email us at info@westhillsmasonry.com or contact us at 714-519-5009 at West Hills Masonry today!

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