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Hardscaping Contractor: How to Find the Right One for Your Project

October 5, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

October 5, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

Looking for experienced hardscape contractors to create your dream backyard is not an easy task. You can lose your property value if the hardscaping job is done incorrectly. This is why it's important that your vision should be shared with someone you can trust, who will listen to you, and understand what you have in mind. 

If you want to hire a hardscape contractor, how do you know whether they are the right fit for your project? What can you do to ensure that they will make your experience a positive one? By understanding what to look for in hardscape contractors, the process can be made easier and less overwhelming for you.

Hardscape Contractor and Your Vision

In order to have a great patio or driveway, it's important to convey your design ideas clearly. You can help your hardscape contractor understand your vision by collecting pictures of what you like—take advantage of home magazines or print photo galleries on websites. 

A design that combines your ideas and the designer's suggestions can be both unique and functional. An expert will understand and respect your vision, and perhaps offer suggestions about how to improve it. Do not feel obliged to follow their advice, though.

Even though they are professionals with a lot of hardscaping experience, the project is still yours, so you decide how it gets accomplished.

Tips on Finding the Right Hardscape Contractor for Your Project

Adding new hardscaping or improving existing features to your garden or fireplace requires a significant investment. Your home can be enhanced significantly by having an outdoor space that is more enjoyable for you and your family to spend time in—so finding the right company is essential.

There is only one thing you need to do, and that is to find the right company to do your hardscaping. An experienced hardscape contractor who knows how to handle these types of projects is what you're looking for.

However, there are so many contractors to decide from. So how do you choose the right one for your backyard? The following tips will help you find the best hardscape contractor for your project.

They Must Have Certifications

The field of hardscaping requires specialized skills. For one to become a professional hardscape contractor, one must undertake specific training. For that reason, it's always wise to ask your hardscape contractor for certification to validate their construction practices.

Choosing a contractor without training certifications is risky as they may not deliver what you expect. It is important for those working in the hardscape industry to obtain certifications like Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and National Contract Management Association (NCMA).

You will be in much safer and more capable hands if you choose someone who has passed various forms of training and secured the certifications mentioned above.

Must-Have References and Reviews

Online reviews are a good starting point for checking whether their services would be the perfect fit for you. Visit their websites, their social media handles, and Google them to see what others are saying about their team.

Check out Google Reviews and testimonials written by their past clients. You may also request references from a potential contractor once you have reviewed their work and client reviews. It is likely that a good hardscape contractor will be more than happy to provide you with references to call.

Getting a sense of a contractor's abilities and work ethic is best accomplished through their work with other homeowners in your neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

Ask About their Process

It's here that you'll be able to get an idea of the company you're dealing with and the kind of work they're capable of doing. It's likely to be a great match if the potential contractor answers with great detail and clearly feels passionate about what they are saying.

There are different approaches taken by different hardscape contractors when it comes to installing different jobs. In any case, it is important for your contractor to explain how they intend to complete your project. It is possible that they aren't as experienced as they claim if they cannot walk you through each step of the construction process.

They Must Have Insurance

Hardscape contractors are not all licensed and insured, and many customers are unaware of that. Hardscaping pros never compromise on this, and it is what sets them apart from the rest. To avoid any misunderstandings, you should request proof of insurance before your hardscape contractor begins any installation.

Your outdoor kitchen or paver driveway could be subject to damage during the installation, and you could be held responsible for accidents and additional costs if you neglect this step during the project. If an injury occurs on your property, you certainly do not want to be liable. Hence, only hire a licensed, insured hardscape contractor.

Choose the Right Hardscaping Contractor for Your Project

Choosing the right hardscaping contractor may seem daunting at first, but you will reap the rewards in the end once your vision is realized.

Trust, clear communication, and a shared vision with your contractor are the keys to a successful hardscape project. No matter what your taste or space is, West Hills Masonry can develop a design to meet your specific requirements.

With more than 15 years of experience in hardscaping and landscaping services, West Hills Masonry is considered one of the most reliable hardscape contractors in Orange County. Our goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship at an affordable price. Residents of Orange County, California can count on our team to complete their dream projects with ease.

To get started on our hardscaping process, contact us at 714-519-5009 at West Hills Masonry today!

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