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Even More Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living with Masonry

December 26, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

December 26, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

To bring life and vibrancy to your surroundings, you'll need help from an experienced hardscape contractor and help incorporate masonry design ideas to life.

Many people who like entertaining are turning their attention to their outdoor space. Features like fire pits and outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, but you needn't redo your entire outdoor space using masonry to create a lasting impression.

Simple Masonry Ideas for Your Hardscape Contractor

To start with, masonry is a term that covers a wealth of materials, including natural stone, concrete, clay, brick, and structural porcelain.

The materials themselves include a variety of options when it comes to color, texture, and shape. There's almost nothing you can't do with masonry work can if you put your mind to it.

Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

From patios and deck decor to pools, here's how you can upgrade your outdoor living area.


If your patio looks tired, give it a facelift with textured concrete pavers in mix-and-match colors. 

Give the patio definition and create an illusion of space by adding a seat wall. Patio seat walls provide extra seating for your guests so you can throw big parties without crowding your patio with outdoor furniture and chairs. 

You could use natural stone to create a fire pit to spend many a cold night outdoors star gazing. If natural stone is expensive, consider concrete with a veneer.

You could go a step up from a fire pit and build an outdoor fireplace on your patio. They can be as big or small as you want, as well as simple or ornate as you like—just so long as your outdoor fireplace keeps you warm enough to enjoy your time outdoors year-round. 


You can upgrade your driveway by replacing it with concrete or porcelain pavers that are strong, durable, weather-resistant, and easy on the eye.

Add an attractive retaining wall along the side and really zhush it up by installing a couple of stone pillars or columns with a stone veneer at the entrance.

Stone columns are the perfect place for outdoor lighting so that you can see your way safely into your property.

One, or all, of these additions, will increase curb appeal, which is essential if you ever put your property on the market, but it's also nice to be welcomed home by a fresh, modern entrance to your house.


Masonry walkways can enhance your garden's landscaping. Modern, smooth, and sleek pavers make an excellent walkway to your front door.

On the other hand, more rustic-looking pavers or natural stone pathways in your yard can guide people to areas you want to show off and away from areas that are a work in progress.

You can experiment with your walkway by incorporating some stepping stones.

Outdoor Kitchens

One of the biggest modern trends at the moment is an outdoor kitchen. It's all part of a movement to blend indoor and outdoor environments and take advantage of all the benefits both offer. 

Home cooks don't have to slave away in the kitchen while their family and friends enjoy a lovely evening on the outside deck. With an outdoor kitchen, they can slave away outside where everyone else is and be part of everything that happens,


You can keep it nice and simple by replacing the old, dated paving around your backyard pool with modern, slip-resistant porcelain or concrete pavers. You can take your pick of colors and textures without sacrificing strength, durability, and safety.

Alternatively, you can replace your current pool paving with new pavers, add a retaining wall with night lights, include some stone steps and a water feature spilling water into your pool, and line the lot with colorful potted plants.

You could use a combination of wood and stone to make a privacy screen that separates your pool from your deck space.

Your hardscape contractor will advise you of your options and help you come up with a pool design that is gorgeous and practical.

Water features

You don't need a pool with a cascading waterfall to make an impact in your garden. Water features increase the visual appeal of your outdoor living space. They provide cooling and calming areas where you can sit and relax and feel the stresses of the day slip away. 

Simple, understated water features can be just as effective as intricate designs, so you needn't spend a fortune to achieve the same effect. They can be made from virtually any masonry material, so you don't have to choose from a limited selection.

Raised Planters

Raised planters are raised garden beds that you can place anywhere that needs a splash of color. They're great for keeping your flowering plants apart from your herbs and allowing your full-sun shrubs to get full sun.

Your raised garden beds can have a rustic feel with natural stone or textured concrete, or they look polished with clean lines; it depends on your taste and the overall landscaping in your garden.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with West Hills Masonry!

Modern masonry material gives you choices you've never had before. If you want someone to take your ideas and turn them into landscaping gold, you ought to talk to a hardscape contractor.

You can get more information on how to revamp your outdoor living space from a reliable hardscape contractor. We are the leader in landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor living in Orange County, CA.

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