Your yard may have been landscaped by several different companies over the years, some better than others. Landscape design and services include lawn care, trees and shrubs maintenance, and more.

So, what are the primary services landscapers provide? Landscape architects can assist with both landscape installation and landscape maintenance. These services include custom landscape design, hardscape installation, mowing, and gardening, in addition to irrigation installation, pest control, car washing, and snow removal, to name a few.

Let’s take a closer look at the services that fall under the landscaping category so that you can make an informed decision when hiring your next contractor.

Services Included in Landscaping

Professional landscaping services can greatly assist even the most devoted gardeners when it comes to maintaining a yard.

Companies offer slightly different services, and some have specialized offerings such as irrigation. However, these are the services that are generally available, which include:

Landscape Installation

Some people simply require an expert team to assist with the maintenance of their garden, while others are looking for assistance in designing their garden. Landscape installation services are comparable to architects and engineers in the construction industry.

This group will plan and construct your garden. Here are the services a landscape installation service can provide.

Landscape Design

This may involve constructing a new flower bed and selecting appropriate plants for your hardiness zone. Or you may require something more structural, such as a new path or patio.

Professional landscape designers can help you create the garden of your dreams and should also be able to assist with any necessary paperwork.

Virtual Garden Design (Online)

Everything can be done remotely nowadays, and your designer is probably using a CAD program anyway.

You can also use an online landscape design program yourself if you’re confident in your technical and landscaping abilities and then share your design with the landscape designer. 

Hardscape Installation

There is much more to a yard than grass and flowerbeds, and hardscape installation refers to the paths, patios, driveway, and other elements that add both practical function and aesthetic variety to a garden.

From the front steps to a private basketball court, which is only applicable for large yards, hardscaping options are extensive.

Irrigation Installation

Setting up a complete irrigation system for your garden or greenhouse is difficult, so it’s best to seek professional help.

Landscape architects can procure, design, install, commission, and maintain your new system, as well as devise a rainwater harvesting system for an eco-friendly watering strategy.

Outbuilding Construction

Let’s be honest, constructing a shed is always more difficult than it appears. Your landscape designer will show up, raise your shed or outbuilding, and then leave. So it is crucial to finalize the scope of their tasks before making a commitment.

Depending on their skill set, landscape design teams may participate in larger yard construction projects.

Landscape Maintenance

After a garden has been designed and constructed, it requires maintenance. Even those who enjoy working in our gardens require assistance with certain tasks.

It could be that you enjoy tending to vegetables but have little time for routine tasks such as mowing. Or perhaps you maintain your yard beautifully but require assistance with the twice-yearly clean-up.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a landscape maintenance service.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Regular mowing keeps your lawn looking great. A landscape architect will do an excellent job with the edges and awkward corners, as well as clean up afterward.

If you have a consistent contract, you may not even need a mower! Your maintenance staff may also provide lawn care services, such as fertilization and renovation.

Trees and Shrubs Planting

Planting larger items such as trees and shrubs can be intimidating, but a professional arborist can assist you in selecting the right size plants for your plot and giving them the best possible start in life.

The landscape designers are also capable of trimming trees and bushes as this is not always an easy feat without pro-level loppers and ladders.

Gardening and Weed Control

This is another recurring duty that should be delegated. General gardening responsibilities include weeding, hoeing, raking, deadheading, removing dead plants, watering, composting, feeding, and weeding the pavers.

Having a landscape design and services take care of this allows you to focus on other gardening tasks, such as planting.

Yard Cleaning and Waste Disposal

When we winterize our gardens, followed a few months later by the spring clean-up, are the two major annual yard clean-up that most of us perform. In addition, landscape services may provide routine outdoor cleaning in addition to mowing and weeding.

As for disposal, a significant benefit of professional garden services is the removal of garden debris.

Contact a Professional Landscape Designers

So those are the different types of landscaping services available which certainly help to understand what each contractor can do and what the job entails.

It’s also in your best interest to be familiar with the work before hiring a contractor, as this will allow you to ask the right questions to ensure they provide a high-quality service.

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