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6 Advantages of Outdoor Water Fountains

December 1, 2022 / Written by: West Hills Masonry

December 1, 2022
Written by: West Hills Masonry

Do you come home from work drained and tired of the unpleasant noises of the day? Outdoor water fountains could be the solution, and they are relatively easy when it comes to landscape installation.

Once you’ve added some flowers and greenery to your outdoor space, you’ve got a genuine oasis of calm serenity.

6 Advantages of Outdoor Landscape Installation and Water Features

The many benefits of outdoor fountains extend beyond a stress-free existence. Since you can't underestimate the benefits of peace, it makes sense to start there.

1. Relaxation

Many people find the sound of flowing water soothing. In fact, scientists have discovered that it has a physical impact on our bodies—it releases negative ions, leading to a calm body and mind.

An outdoor water fountain in your garden is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to eliminate stress. You might also consider additional landscape installations, like a Zen garden.

2. No Noise Pollution

Traffic noise and other forms of air pollution are destructive to your state of mind. The latter also interferes with concentration.

Having outdoor water features in your backyard deadens unwanted noises to restore peace of mind and concentration.

3. Power of Greens

A water fountain instantly beautifies gardens, it adds extra beauty to your garden and increases curb appeal when you sell your property. You could also enhance the beauty of your outdoor fountain by adding some fish to the bottom tier, but you have to ensure the fountain is big enough to support aquatic life.

Planting flowers enhances the visual interest of your outdoor water fountain. However, it is essential to choose your blooms carefully. You don’t want plants that shed pollen by the bucketful, having too many could cause algae to grow. 

On the other hand, too few plants, and you might struggle to conceal the pump and motor. A professional who can install water features will give you advice about which greens will be a great addition to your outdoor space.

4. Beautiful Wildlife

A water fountain doesn’t just make you happy, but it can attract wildlife, like birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Consider an unobtrusive net cover so that any animals drinking from the water fountain don't fall in and drown.

What could be better for your outdoor space than a comfy chair, a cold drink, and a show as birds splash about in the flowing water you’ve provided?

5. Cooling

Sources of cool water help you feel more refreshed. Having a fountain near your patio or outdoor entertaining area is a great idea for summer.

6. Personalization

There are many shapes and sizes for outdoor water fountains, enabling you to create a visually appealing feature in your garden that reflects your tastes and style. Landscape installations can deliver exactly the look that helps you relax.

Types of Outdoor Fountains

You have options when it comes to installing your water fountain. Broadly speaking, there are three types of fountains or water features for your property:

  • Table fountains - Small fountains that you put on a flat surface. It must be stable enough to hold your water feature.
  • Wall fountains - When it comes to wall fountains, there are two types—those with flowing water like a waterfall and a fountain mounted on the wall with a spout.
  • Floor fountains - These are typically large, free-standing fountains. Think of them as enormous table fountains.

Factors to Consider

Most outdoor water fountains need careful consideration of placement, running needs, and care.


Consider your garden’s existing landscaping. Are there trees and plants that give off a lot of pollen or leaves? Placing your fountain near them isn't a good idea because the pollen and leaves can clog the pump.

Where do you spend time in your outdoor space? If you want your fountain to counter noise pollution with its calming sound of falling water, then there’s no point in tucking it in the corner of the backyard that you never use.

You may also place the water feature near your patio or outdoor entertainment area, which will help you create a natural ambiance. 

You might also want to consider feng shui when placing your fountain. According to feng shui, running water symbolizes income. Surely that's a good reason to think about the nature of your space.

Operating Requirements

Water fountains are powered by pumps that need electricity. Therefore, you may want to consider the convenience of power outlets. Think about how you could conceal extension cords and what type of cord you need.

In addition, getting a water-resistant cable is essential.


Outdoor fountains require maintenance, but substantially less than a pool.

Are you prepared to carry out regular maintenance, or do you have a garden or landscaping service that will take care of that for you?


Outdoor fountains are great in summer, but they're superfluous in winter. You must shut down and protect a seasonal water feature in winter. It could be as simple as draining the water and putting a cover over the pump.

It’s possible to have your outdoor fountain working all year round—generally, in areas that have mild winters. Otherwise, a winter water fountain comes with a built-in heating system. Solar heating is also an option if you live somewhere sunny.

Choose West Hills Masonry for Your Water Fountain and Landscape Installation

Trust West Hills Masonry's planting specialists to design a flawlessly symmetrical garden with eye-catching mixtures of contemporary landscape plants, flowers, shrubs, and water features. 

Our landscape architects and designers are skilled in a variety of garden design concepts, planting design strategies, and landscape installation methods. 

You can relax knowing that with us on the job, you'll get to enjoy aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained landscapes that will increase the curb appeal of your home and enhance your general health and quality of life.

Outdoor water fountains benefit your health as well as your peace of mind. If you want to learn more about your home's landscape installation, contact us at 714-519-5009 at West Hills Masonry today!

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