Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or want to give your current one a new look, there are plenty of new landscaping and gardening trends to incorporate into your landscape designs, landscape plant design, or garden design projects.

Rather than spending all of your savings on your project, you can begin with garden improvement projects that may not require much money. For example, it would be great to have a composite decking for relaxing and entertaining your guests. Similarly, there are other inexpensive landscaping ideas that will spruce up your yard without breaking the budget.

Here are four of the most common trends in landscaping we’ve noticed lately and how they can help improve your outdoor living areas.

Less Lawn is Better

Landscape trends this year emphasize the idea that with less lawn, you can do more – a larger variety of ground cover plants, more furniture, even the option of installing a swimming pool or building a summer house (find a contractor for a summerhouse.

Potted plants and drought-resistant plants are increasingly being used outside in place of a large lawn or even a raised bed of flowers. Home gardeners can show off their green thumb with a vegetable garden or potted houseplants, which were especially popular at the start of the pandemic.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens aren’t the best option for homeowners looking to reduce the size of their lawn, but it is ideal for people looking for landscaping and gardening solutions in small outdoor spaces.

There are indoor and outdoor vertical garden options available, ranging from high-end growing systems to do-it-yourself solutions. Make a plan for the structure and the plants before you start a vertical garden, as it can be difficult to change these things once growth begins in a small space.

In case, however, you are still looking for better options to make a garden in the small space you have, you can get grow tents. Not only can they house a good number of plants, but they can be shifted from one place to another depending on the need. You may only need a few equipment to make it functional, like circulation fans, top grow lights for bigger tents or smaller ones (depending on your tent size), ventilation kits, and similar other items. But, this would certainly solve your entire struggle of juggling between gardening and space.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Many people are considering their surrounding environment as a whole when styling their immediate surroundings and are committing to eco-friendly landscaping and gardening trends. There are numerous suggestions for making your yard more environmentally friendly.

Composting to reduce food waste is a newer trend, as is on-site rainwater collection to water the lawn, the garden, or even to do household chores, wash cars, or fill a pool.

Creating a pollinator-friendly outdoor space that can serve as a safe haven for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Including features to aid in the fight against climate change will continue to gain popularity and can be added as the seasons change.


One combination of the trends of less lawn, eco-friendly practices, and simplicity leads to xeriscaping, a larger landscaping trend.

Xeriscaping is the practice of landscape design used to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation. While it is best suited to desert climates, it can also be used in wetter areas.

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Landscaping does not have to be difficult, and gardening does not have to be intricate to be beautiful. Simple, practical, and easy landscaping styles are popular right now. Your yard is a wild figment, and nature is naturally beautiful.

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